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View All Frags By: fishnreef
Username: fishnreef
Location: Washington, District of Columbia USA
Frags Posted: 19
User Rating: No Rating Yet
  Frag Details Category Genus Date Price
SPS Frag Pack
ORA Nathan's Green Millepora
Red Capricornis
Sunset Montipora
Purple Slimer
Green Spongodes
Tubs Birdsnest
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyOther04-12-11$130.99
SPS Frag Pack
ORA Tricolor Valida
ORA Green Birdsnest
Green Slimer
Ponape Birdsnest
Green with Purple Rim Capricornis
Purple Digi...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyOther04-11-11$130.99
Sunset Montipora
This is a beautiful encrusting M. danae that is orange with green polyps. This coral prefers moderate light and flow and...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyMontipora04-08-11$39.99
Rainbow Montipora
The rainbow montipora is a gorgeous encrusting montipora. This coral is blue with both red and green polyps with the red...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyMontipora04-07-11$34.99
Tyree Green Polyp Leather
This is a truly stunning leather coral. This is a toadstool leather that is tan with long fluorescent green polyps. This...
Soft CoralsSarcophyton04-07-11$49.99
Green Hammer
This hammer coral has light green tips.
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyEuphyllia04-07-11$24.99
Blue Hammer
The blue hammer is a branching large polyp stony coral with blue tipped polyp. This hammer is less common than the green...
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyEuphyllia04-07-11$34.99
Frog-in-a-Blender Birdsnest
The frog-in-a-blender birdsnest is brown with whitish green tips. Unlike the Ponape and Tubs Birdsnests that we have ava...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneySeriatopora04-07-11$39.99
Green Spongodes
This neon green spongodes is an encrusting montipora which develops finger like vertical growth. This is a relatively ea...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyMontipora04-07-11$29.99
Montipora Aequituberculata
This is an encrusting montipora which is bluish green in color. It prefers moderate lighting and flow.

Requires stab...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyMontipora04-07-11$24.99
ORA Nathan's Green Millepora
The Nathan's Green millepora has a beautiful light green color and has long extending polyps. This coral has been a very...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyAcropora04-07-11$34.99
Green Slimer
The Green slimer is a rapid growing Acropora that is a good first Acropora. This green slimer has a vibrant green color....
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyAcropora04-07-11$24.99
Purple Slimer
The Purple slimer is a rapid growing Acropora that is a good first Acropora. This Purple slimer has a dark purple color....
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyAcropora04-07-11$29.99
Purple Digitata
This is a branching species of Montipora that can be a variety of shades of purple depending on conditions. M. Digitata ...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyMontipora04-07-11$19.99
Green w/ Purple Rim Cap
Montipora capricornis is a plating stony coral also referred to as Leaf Plate coral and Vase coral. This coral is green ...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyMontipora04-07-11$24.99
Ponape Birdsnest
This Tyree birdsnest is a beautiful multi-colored variety of birdsnest. This coral is pink, green, and tan and when heal...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneySeriatopora04-07-11$39.99
Leishman's Tabling Acro
Leishmans tabling Acropora is a true tabling coral. With red branches, green tinged base and pink-white growth tips a sp...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyAcropora04-07-11$34.99
ORA Green Birdsnest
The ORA Green Birdsnest has branches with rounded tips and long brilliant green polyps. When polyps are fully extended t...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneySeriatopora04-07-11$39.99
ORA Tricolor Valida
This ORA Acropora is a truly stunning coral with bright purple tips. In our system the mother colony has taken on an awe...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyAcropora04-07-11$34.99
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