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Browse Genus: Sarcophyton
Genus: Sarcophyton
Frags Posted: 8
  Frag Details User Location Date Price
Yellow Leather Coral
Yellow leather corals, very healthy. Sarcophyton Elegans
KentiaEscondido, California06-20-11$5.00
Tyree Green Polyp Leather
This is a truly stunning leather coral. This is a toadstool leather that is tan with long fluorescent green polyps. This...
fishnreefWashington, District of Columbia04-07-11$49.99
Fluorescent Green Leather
Fluorescent Green Leather (Sarcophyton sp.) (1" Frag) $50.-$75. (SC)

EdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10$0.00
poralightatlanta, Georgia10-31-09$15.00
Green-Polyped leather coral
This is the cream of the crop right here! The pic does no justice, these corals are HOT HOT HOT.
donfishy76South of Houston, Texas05-13-09$50.00
Monster Green Toadstool
Metalic Green skin long polyp toadstool.
blue32S. Amherst, Ohio12-03-08$25.00
I have been fragging toadstools for yrs, I have fragged it over a thousand times. I can do it right and at a low price
rustysreeflouisville, Kentucky06-25-08$8.00
Neon Green Sarcophyton
This is a LE neon green sarcophyton. I have about 6 available and are all about dime size as of this posting.
reefkeeperoracle, Arizona02-20-08$15.00
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