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View All Frags By: ReefBanditz
Username: ReefBanditz
Location: Sylmar, California USA
Frags Posted: 11
User Rating: No Rating Yet
  Frag Details Category Genus Date Price
Aussie Reds Acan
these have big heads. the one in pic is $35, has many babies growing in the bottom where u cant see in the pic. I have 4...
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyAcanthastrea06-16-08$40.00
Armor Of God Palys
pics dont do justice.. $5 a head.
Green metallic Cyphastrea
each frag is $25. growing all around the fragged piece.
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyCyphastrea03-07-08$25.00
Psammacora Green
Dont see much of these around, they encrusted all around the edges where it was fragged. each piece is $20
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyPsammocora03-07-08$20.00
Green eyed Micros
2 frags have 9+ poylps $35 each, 3 frags have 20+ polyps $50 each. these grow super fast. I
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyOther03-07-08$35.00
SnowFlake blue anthelias polyps
these are hard to come by.. each frag is $15
Soft CoralsOther03-07-08$15.00
Vampee Aussie Acan
each frag for sale in pic. each frag has 5 to 7 big polyps with many babies. grows fast!
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyAcanthastrea03-07-08$60.00
Aussie Green aqua Acan
hard to find this color acan. each frag in pic for sale, $35 each. growing babies fast, love to eat.
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyAcanthastrea03-07-08$35.00
Aussie Snowdusted Green Acans
these are hard to find.. white speckled. pictures dont do justice!! depending on how many poylps, $45- 55. I have more a...
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyAcanthastrea03-07-08$45.00
aussie Minted Mouf Acans
these also growing babies. I have 5 frags of these for $30 each.
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyAcanthastrea03-07-08$30.00
Pastel Acan
these come from a colony that I had for over 2 years. suprisingly eats fast and grows pretty fast. each frag is $25.
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyAcanthastrea03-07-08$25.00
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