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View All Frags By: reefeasy
Username: reefeasy
Location: buffalo, New York USA
Frags Posted: 19
User Rating:
  Frag Details Category Genus Date Price
Original Superman Montipora
This is the Original LE Superman Montipora not the brown polyp imposter stuff everyone else is trying to sell..
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyMontipora11-28-08$50.00
Baby Blue Clove Polyp
These are some awesome Baby Blue Cloves I picked up from Randy O @ A Reef Creation. They love light, grow well and look...
Soft CoralsOther11-28-08$25.00
Pink Dreams Aussie Lord
Way too amazing to describe just look at the picture!!!!!!
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyAcanthastrea11-28-08$90.00
Bright orange Montipora Capricornis
Bright Neon orange plating Montipora... Gurantee it will be the fastest growing thing in your tank!!!
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyMontipora11-28-08$25.00
Original Orange Crush Acanthastrea
This is the original orange crush acanthastrea i picked up from A reef Creation with the sweet teal marbleing!! This aca...
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyAcanthastrea11-28-08$30.00
Amazing Orange Lobo
This is an Ultra orange and green lobophyllia from Australia that has been in my collection for about a year. It is doi...
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyLobophyllia11-12-08$350.00
Pink and Red Branching Cyphastrea
Light Pink with red mouth branching Cyphasrea decadia
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyCyphastrea09-07-07$25.00
Electric green long star polyps
Amazing greenest of green long tentacle star polyp.
Soft CoralsOther08-31-07$25.00
Star Burst Zooanthids
Center white stars on purple background surrounded with neon orange
Purple and Alien Green Favities
Purple surrounding alien green centers.
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyFavites08-31-07$25.00
Brick and Mortar mushrooms
Brick red with grey lines.
Mushrooms & RicordeaDiscosoma08-31-07$30.00
Ancient Inca Lord
Golden bars surround blood red polyps
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyAcanthastrea08-31-07$55.00
Minty Fresh Favia
Mint over ooze green fleshy fat hungry polyps.
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyFavia08-31-07$10.00
Agent Orange Echinata
Orange rings on green and purple speckled backdrop with purple centers
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyAcanthastrea08-31-07$15.00
Christmas Favia
This one is the classic XMas Favia one of my all time favorites!
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyFavia08-31-07$10.00
Red on Red Favia
Deep red surrounding bright red centers. This is a great coral it grows fast and has the best shades of red!!
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyFavia08-31-07$20.00
Orange spot green mushroom
Nice orange spot mushrooms grow fast!!!
Mushrooms & RicordeaOther08-31-07$55.00
Dan Marino Echino
Awesome Electric blue lightning stripes through purple background with pumpkin orange eyes. This Echino loves the light...
SPS - Small Polyped StoneyEchinophyllia08-31-07$50.00
Emerald orange echinata
Emerald splashed over neon orange backdrop
LPS - Large Polyped StoneyAcanthastrea08-28-07$15.00
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