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Browse Genus: Xenia
Genus: Xenia
Frags Posted: 10
  Frag Details User Location Date Price
Pulsing Xenia
Nice, healthy red sea pulsing xenia frags on plugs or LR rubble.
ChicagoreefChicago, Illinois10-24-12$5.00
Pom Pom Xenia
Pom Pom Xenia, multiple "hands" per head, very healthy.
KentiaEscondido, California06-20-11$15.00
Xenia & Pulsing Xenia
1" plug
Cream Deep Water Xenia
White Pulsing Xenia

EdExoticsDeltona, Florida03-22-10Trade Only
This is for a nice sized pulsing Xenia frag already attached to a small live rock.
donfishy76South of Houston, Texas10-18-06$15.00
Pulsating Xenia Coral
Pulsating xenia coral containing one stalk
felixcExcelsior, Minnesota07-01-09$15.00
Pulsing Pom Pom Xenia
Lavender/Whitish purple pom pom xenia.

Frags are 1.5"x1.5"

2 Available

1st attached to small piece of live rock...
olemanwinterCamden, South Carolina05-18-09$15.00
Pulsing Xenia
small frags of pulsing xenia for 5 and frags with 2 or more branches for 10 (LONDON)
braziluk2London, United kingdom10-03-08$0.00
This is true cispitularia from the East African coast, not the common blue xenia brought in from Indo/Bali. The photo wa...
reefkeeperoracle, Arizona02-20-08$75.00
Xenia Umbellata
Pink, pulsing xenia. 1" - 2" in size. They come attached to a small rock. Usually 1-2 stalks per rock.
FishmanMurrieta, California01-27-08$9.00
Pink Glove Xenia
The Anthelia Thick Stem Coral may also be referred to as a Glove Coral or Pom-Pom Coral. They are usually white, tan, pi...
AaquacultureLeesburg, FL, Florida05-11-07$30.00
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