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Idaho Grape Monti Cap
Idaho Grape Monti Cap
thid is a purple monti cap with ice blue polyps
Frag ID: 1892-600
Date Posted: 02-26-12
Quantity Avail: 5
Category: SPS - Small Polyped Stoney
Genus: Montipora
Source: Aquaculture
Frag Color: purple with blue polyps
Frag Size: 1 1/2''
Will Ship To: USA - All
Shipping Cost:$40.00
Shipping Details:All U.S
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Username: benboarder90
Location: Rochester, New Hampshire USA
Entity: Individual
Website: www.nhfragswap.com
Registered: 02-24-12
User Rating: No Rating Yet
Payment Methods: PayPal
Looking For: any
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