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This is my first post here on Frag OutPost. I enjoy reading through the forums. I have a 75 gallon aquarium that has been setup for 2 yrs. now. MH lighting, skimmer, maybe 50lbs rock. My aquarium consists of 1 clown, 1 blenny, 1 Xenia, 2" frag toadstool (new addition) and a frag frogspawn, also new addition. Being new to the hobby I'm just beginning to get into the supplements such as iodine, strotnium, alkalinity, calcium, all of which I have started experimenting with. I keep a 5gallon bucket of fresh saltwater and a 5 gallon bucket of fresh ro/di water. Both of which i am using to mix in these supplements. Adding 1ml of each supplement to makeup waters. I do 1 to 2gallon water changes weekly and top off 1 gallon a day. Not sure how to use these supplements. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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